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KEVLAR Technical Info

The latest review of Kevlar® motorcycle jeans & cargos using Aramid fibre indicates that there are very few manufacturers who utilise 100% Aramid (Kevlar) technology, and a very small minority again who use 100% knitted Kevlar® by DuPont™, which is by far the most superior and expensive fibre to use.

Many cheap products are in fact polyester blends, with as much as 40% polyester, and very low Kevlar® weight (if any at all). Buyers should educate themselves to ensure they are well informed and do not risk their own safety by buying cheap imitations that do not afford rider protection.

The materials and methods we use ensure a quality product ahead of our competitors. You're safety is our primary focus. High quality Kevlar® pants don't need to be expensive.

Kevlar® can be woven or knitted together in a number of ways to give it strength in a cloth form.

Resolute Jeans™ use only the most advanced method, being Terry knitted Kevlar®.

Resolute Jeans™ have the latest in custom knitted Kevlar® by DuPont™ manufactured into the Jean design, and not just added to the garment as an afterthought as many cheaper and inferior alternatives are.

Resolute Jeans™ has a unique Kevlar® lining design pattern, ensuring both your maximum safety, and maximum comfort.

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